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Here we go, baby! Oh, you got a party goin' on? With bullshit people and bullshit songs I guess my name's on the guestlist, but if not take a fukkin' pen to write it down! I got bad news for all those who got a problem with their nose The cocaine that you bought from me is powder from a bakery I will not tolerate this society anymore, come on! Now get the fuck from in front of me! V.I.P.'s like you ain't nothing but a pain in everybodies holy.. I'm a drrty rokka! A straight way-rokka! I am scum, I'm a bum, I'm a white trash - motherfukker! I'm a drrty rokka! Your men's cokk blokker! I'm in charge now, the no. one chiefrokka! I'm a drrty rokka! A true blue rokka! I fukk up all you V.I.P. - motherfukkers! I'm a drrty rokka and when I hit the floor I want you to hit the floor for me! I got twenty people with me That's twenty more problems, yes indeed. We don't look classy, that's a fact! We look for trouble and we're dressed in blakk! We crash this like it ain't no thing so hide your jewels and your pinky rings. We'll run this place, you wannabe's. The codeword is "disturb the peace". We don't ask, we take what belongs to us. We want more, come on! So put the money in the bag, now! V.I.P.'s like you ain't nothing but a pain in everybodies holy.. It seems that some of you still don't know who the fukk we are! We go by the name of "W.S.U.A.Y." That means "We Smakk Up All Ya!" So if you wanna be a hero... Do something! Do something! --- Drrty Rokka - 4Lyn

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Submitted on November 2, 2022 by Anonymous


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Rodeostar Records

Release Date

December 30, 2006


language English


• 4LYN


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don't your drrty rokka this that with like ain't from


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