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Lil Durk

McLaren Speedtail Six carats in my ear for detail I be gettin' all my watches retail Caught a murder, he tryna call Meek Mill Sold him lean, but Doodie got his refill I know real killers act like females All the trenches bitches give me tea still How you kill him? Bro, I need the details Adderall, feel like it's mixed with B12 You kept tellin' all my secrets, be real Headshot, stop runnin', be still I could shake a whole block with these pills This a striker, I don't know why you need L's Pull up to a whole mosque and pray still Follow bro car 'cause he got the switch I don't be poppin' 'cause you died and you diss Crush a Perc' inside a Sierra Mist Bitch was poppin', had to give her a kiss I ain't puttin' my name on hits Why you braggin'? Niggas ain't kill shit Hopped out on feet like he ran out of gas I call him Yeat 'cause he stay with his mask How you got it, but you stay with your mans? Legs tatted, had to go get some Vans Fifteen million cash, that's my advance Fuck a opp bitch to get in her head Think I love her, I'm tryna plot on her man Think I love her, I'm tryna kill his ass You a killer? Jam, check his referral Flawless diamonds, you rock it better with curls On a date, I gotta take her to Harold's These Chanel, these ain't regular pearls I'm so high off this X pill I don't give no fuck how my ex feel Your new nigga ain't put you on no jet still Why send shots like he a threat? Yeah Still use cash with the card on file Check what you drinkin', they water it down Said what you said, you a part of it now Chance after chance, I done gave you a pound Feds on your ass, gotta bury it now I popped a Addy, I barely pronounce Eyeball the weed and it's barely a ounce Watch how you speak, you could bury your spouse Bro, I got M's and I slept on the couch Ain't got a bond, it got inherit amount My budget two million, the killers is out I get my teeth from the Mouth of the South Got the location, you not in your house How do it feel to have Glocks in your mouth? I know you broke 'cause they froze your account Feel like a goofy promotin' the clown I told my lawyer I'm sober now Run up a check 'cause I'm older now Got who we want, so it's over now How you slide, but ain't nobody vouch? Counterfeit money, ain't nobody count How you think I got two hundred pounds? Fifties, fifties, fifties, two hundred rounds Out of jail early, you know that he foul Nike ski mask to cover the brows No Auto, pain, I got a couple of styles I done paid for a couple of trials I done slaid me a couple of dials Call her now 'cause I ain't fuck in a while I got love for bro, he holdin' me down Frrt, hold a couple of rounds Frrt, standin' over him now, yeah I'm so high off this X pill I don't give no fuck how my ex feel Your new nigga ain't put you on no jet still Why send shots like he a threat? Yeah --- B12 - Lil Durk

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Durk Banks


Submitted on May 28, 2023 by Anonymous


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Lil Durk
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Lil Durk

Release Name or Album Name

Almost Healed

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Release Date

May 26, 2023


language English


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