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This Is Me…Now

Jennifer Lopez

I watched my mother miss out on her life All those could-have-beens became her sacrifice But here in the darkness, it's not the future nor the past And 'cause it's meant to be with you, boy, it will last You met me halfway Growin' pains, broke some chains in every chapter Now we know what it takes for our ever after Took some lefts, now we're right here where we are And I sing This is me now This is me now And I took my time, lot of winters, summers, baby And I healed my heart, but I love who I am lately This is me now When I was a girl they'd ask me what I'd be (What you gon' be?) A woman in love is what I grew up wantin' to be (In love's what I wanted to be) It's my melody, the symphony I sing (Sing) And your every word gave me strength to follow my dreams (Yes, you did) You met me halfway Face to face, tell the truth, no holdin' back (No holdin' back) We put in work, overcame all the disasters (All the disasters) Time apart brought us right right here's where we are (Where we're meant to be) And I sing (And I sing) This is me now (Love me as I am) This is me now (This is me now) And I took my time (And I took my time) Lot of winters, summers, baby (Baby) And I healed my heart (My heart) But I love who I am lately (And I do it for myself) This is me now (Had a lot to learn, had a lot to grow, how to find my way, yeah) Take me as I am (Can you?) And I'll take you as you are (And I will) And we'll build this life together I found my shootin' star The double the shine, the greener the diamond One of a kind, the clearer the timing Ain't nothin' change, you know paps goin' crazy Beep-beep, pull up in a black Bugazzi Baby, got a love that'll last forever Old things, new things, it's a new level All gas, no brakes, you could come rev it Baby, you know when you want me I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready This is me now This is me now



Enviado el 23 de marzo de 2024 Por Jake Sully


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Jennifer Lopez
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This Is Me...Now (Deluxe)

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BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

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16 de febrero de 2024


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