The Ending


Let me be the one that you cling to Let me be the one that you call on Let me be the one (let me be the one) that you cling to Let me be the one that you call on (You can mute it for me) Back when I had a fro still First moved to L.A. My daddy still paid my phone bill I was sneaking niggas out in the early morning After sucking good dick on a Sunday morning Walking through the living room, I see Jabari yawning I'm thinking, "Man, one day we all gon' be some superstars" And this is way back before I had a credit card And this is way back when I ain't have a debit card And this is way back when we all still prayed to God When Clancy believed in me, when fans wasn't singing songs When Kelly would talk to me, when I ain't had no friends at all Besides them niggas that I lived with This the most corrupted vision I turned my friendship into a business, into a empire Half a million that I wired to my mama, she retired Calling me, "I'm getting tired of the drama" Getting tired of letting culture Try to tell me how to live my life (let me be the one) How to live my life (that you cling to) How to live my life This the ending we all envisioned, right? (Let me be the one) This is me, Abstract gone for the night, for the night (that you call on) How you feel? (Let me be the one) (That you cling to) (Let me be the one that you call on) --- The Ending - BROCKHAMPTON

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Ian Simpson, Ryan Yoo, Willie Hutch

Submitted on November 19, 2022 by Anonymous


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The Family

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RCA Records Label

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November 17, 2022


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