Jon Batiste Interlude

Lana Del Rey

Oh Oh, I feel something right now Here goes, I'ma feel it, so early I feel it early, I feel it I feel it early Ooh, ooh-ooh I feel it early and I feel it late Oh, yeah Yeah, I feel it I feel it I feel it heavy Yeah, ha I feel it heavy I feel it, oh my God Ah (yep), whoa, whoa (yep) Woo, you been working hard Oh my God (it's good) Ooh, whoa Yeah (With your honey) Ooh, whoa (Oh, honey) Ooh, whoa Oh Oh, I feel it in my soul I feel it in my soul Oh, really got it going In my soul, early Early in the morning Early in the morning Hey, early in the morning, oh (That's pretty too, how about that?) Early in the morning Yeah, that's somethin' in there Early in the morning Oh, sweet Sweet morning, oh --- Jon Batiste Interlude - Lana Del Rey

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Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, Jon Batiste

Submitted on March 25, 2023 by Anonymous


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Lana Del Rey
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Lana Del Rey

Release Name or Album Name

Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

Record Label

Polydor Records

Release Date

March 24, 2023


language English


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early morning feel whoa soul yeah


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